'Zoom' Power Tooth Whitening

Teeth tend to darken as we grow older and the staining from coffee, tea and red wine also take their toll. This can be easily remedied by professional tooth whitening which safely lightens the natural colour of your teeth.

What is 'Zoom' Power Tooth Whitening?

'Zoom' Power Tooth Whitening uses the very latest LED light technology to lighten the natural colour of teeth or to restore the colour of teeth that have become discoloured and stained in just One Hour. Teeth are lightened by up to 8 shades in 1 hour! Patients no longer have to put up with the inconvenience of having to wear whitening trays filled with gel,at home, every night for 2 weeks to achieve similar results. With 'Zoom', its all done in just 1 hour in the comfort and convenience of our practice.

What’s involved?
Your dentist will carry out this safe and effective procedure in the surgery. Once the whitening gel is applied to the teeth, the LED 'Zoom' light is shone onto the teeth for 15 minutes. The process is repeated four times and the whole procdure complete within the hour. The result is stable for up to two years, after which.  top-up gel applications can be applied to restore the tooth brightness in only one or two applications of the gels.

Is 'Zoom' Tooth Whitening safe?

Absolutely. 'Zoom' Power Tooth Whitening is an established procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to restore a bright, white, healthy smile.
In fact, 'Zoom' is the most requested and popular tooth whitening procedure carried out in the USA.
Under the supervision of a dentist it is completely safe for teeth and gums. The whitening gels used in the procedure also contain a desensitiser. This means that unlike many home tooth whitening procedures, patients who have had 'Zoom' whitening do not experience post operative toooth sensitivity.

Maintaining that Bright Smile

Results of whitening will last longer with careful maintenance
  • Avoiding excessive intake of tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco etc
  • Use of 'whitening' pastes at home
  • Maintenance with your hygienist