Whilst we offer our patients a comprehensive range of in-house treatments, sometimes there is the need to refer our patients for more specialised care, including:


More often than not, children require braces to align their teeth. Our practice works with two orthodontists. Mr Adrian Hart who is a consultant orthodontist based at Raigmore Hospital and Dr Chris Buchannan who runs a Specialist Orthodontic practice in Inverness. Our dentists will monitor your child’s tooth arrangement at their routine examinations and refer them to the orthodontist at the appropriate time. Private orthodontic referrals are available upon request.

Oral Surgery / Oral Medicine

These referrals are sent to the Oral Surgery Department at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. This department is led by Mr Adrian Farrow, a recently appointed consultant in Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

Periodontology (Gum treatment)

Our practice works with Dr Alan Maxwell who is a specialist Periodontologist based in Crieff. All periodontology referral treatments are on a private basis.