Dental implants in Aviemore

At Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic in Aviemore, we are experts in replacing teeth. Using the latest dental technology we can help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile. We offer free consultations for dental implants, to conduct an initial assessment and discuss your individual requirements. Our implants are only placed by one of Scotland's leading dental implant Dentists, Dr Bruce Strickland BDS DipImpDentRCS (Eng).

Why might I need an implant?

A dental implant is a fixed solution for one or more missing teeth, and can help restore both your smile and your quality of life.

An implant is made up of an artificial titanium root that is fixed to the jawbone, with a crown or bridge fitted on top. They can be made to look and feel just like natural teeth. If you are concerned about your replacement teeth looking realistic or coming loose, implants are an ideal option.

Implants also safeguard your overall dental health. Replacing missing teeth is extremely important, as missing teeth cause bone loss which can age your face, and could potentially cause adjacent teeth to become loose too.

The benefits of implants

  • Implants look and feel just like natural teeth – you shouldn’t notice any difference.
  • Implants provide permanent stability and comfort without affecting healthy teeth.
  • Implants won’t come loose or fall out.
  • Implants can last for many years if you maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Implants prevent ageing bone loss, by stimulating your bone structure and stabilising the surrounding teeth.

What types of implants are there?

There are several different types of implant available depending on your needs. Your Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic dentist will discuss all the options with you to find the best solution.

Single dental implant

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An implant is a great choice for a single missing tooth, whether it’s visible or not, and the results can be life-changing. A single implant provides the foundation for a crown, which will be created at Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic to match your teeth exactly.

Multiple dental implants

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If you’re missing more than one tooth, there are a number of options available to you at Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic. In some cases a single implant can support two replacement teeth, or two implants can support a fixed bridge if you have several missing teeth. A bridge is a long-lasting, natural-looking solution which will help preserve the health of the rest of your teeth and jaw.

Implant secured dentures

Dental Implants Implantsecureddentures

Dentures can be uncomfortable, irritating and embarrassing. With advances in Implant Dentistry, Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic now offer innovative techniques for denture stabilisation, ensuring they are comfortable and will not slip.

How is an implant fitted?

Assessment: Every treatment begins with an assessment from your local Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic dentist who will be performing your implant treatment. They will discuss all the options with you, make an assessment of the best solution for you, and ensure you understand every step of your treatment. You will have an x-ray and, in some cases, a CT scan to help visualise your jaw, ensure your gums are healthy and that there is enough jaw bone to place the implant.


Digital dentistry has developed rapidly over the last few years and at Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic we have invested heavily in new technologies in order to keep our practice at the forefront of the digital revolution. 

Our Trios, 3D optical scanner means we no longer have to take impressions for crown, bridge and implant work. Instead, the scanner works by taking lots of photos of your teeth, combining them into a highly accurate 3D image before emailing it to the laboratory where the final restorations are produced by 3D milling machines. This highly accurate process takes the precision fit of our lab made restorations to the next level when compared with more traditional techniques.

3D imaging is widely regarded as the diagnostic gold standard for Dental Implant Treatments which require highly detailed imaging data to help ensure the most successful, predictable and long lasting results for patients. 

Using our Cone Beam Computerised Tomography machine we are able to take high resolution 3D images of the jaws and associated structures, allowing us to treatment plan to the highest standard and help us achieve optimal functional and aesthetic results for our patients.

The treatment: This is when the implant is placed into your jaw. It’s a straightforward process which can be completed under local anaesthetic. If you are particularly nervous or have a dental phobia, your dentist will make sure you feel absolutely comfortable with the treatment, and can provide sedation if needed.

The implants will need three to six months to heal and integrate with your jaw bone to provide a solid support for the crown or bridge.

Depending on your treatment and your dentist’s diagnosis, a temporary crown can be fitted at the same time as your initial appointment. Same day teeth is a modern procedure which enables you to walk out of the clinic with brand new teeth in just one day. These will stay in place until the final restoration appointment.

Once your jaw has healed, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth. This enables a dental technician to build your bespoke crown or bridge, which will be colour matched to blend seamlessly with your other teeth.

Restoration:It may be necessary to have a separate appointment between six weeks and six months after your initial treatment, to allow the implant to fully integrate. This ensures that your jaw has completely healed before the crown or bridge is permanently fitted.

Your smile is now complete.

How do I look after my implant?

As with natural teeth, good oral hygiene is important for preventing gum disease and prolonging the life of your implants. You do not need to remove the teeth fitted to your implants, but clean them as you would your natural teeth. A high standard of daily care, along with regular check-ups with your local Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic dentist and hygienist, will help to ensure your mouth stays healthy and your implants last as long as possible.

Contact Aviemore Dental & Implant Clinic today to find out more about dental implants and how they could work for you.


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